Unit 3 lớp 9 looking back


Phần looking back giúp đỡ bạn học ôn tập lại trường đoản cú vựng cũng như các tài năng đã học tập trong unit 2. Bài viết cung cấp cho những gợi nhắc để giải bài xích tập trong sách giáo khoa.



1. Put yourself in these teens" shoes. Choose the TWO best words to lớn describe your feelings in the following situations. 

Đặt vị trí của khách hàng vào vị trí của các người trẻ. Chọn 2 từ xuất sắc nhta để diễn đạt cảm xúc của chúng ta trong những trường hợp sau. 

1. You won an essay contest: excited/delighted2. Your parents misunderstood you: frustrated/upset3. You stayed up lage studying for an important exam tense/ stress4. You are left out by friends. You can’t concentrare on your studies: worried/tense5. Last week you had a presentation in class & you think it was very bad (dissapointed/ frustrated)6. Your closest friend is moving lớn another city: emotional/depressed

2. Use the following prompts to lớn say something lớn the students in. 

Sử dụng những lời khuyên nhủ sau nhằm nói với học viên ở bài bác 1

1.well done/ you did a really great job —> congratulate, encourage2.you must have been really disapointed —> empathise, advise3. Everything will be alright —> empathise, advise4. I understand how you feel —> empathise, advise5. It might help lớn consider focusing on the good point rather than the weak points —> assure encourage6. You must have been really emotional —> empathise

3. Give at least two examples for each of these sets of skills 

Đưa ra ít nhất 2 ví dụ cho mỗi kĩ năng sau 

1.cognitive skills: concentrate on doing something; organise your timetable2. Emotion control skills: control feelings; know how to get over negative feelings4.Social skills:cooperate with others; communicate well5. Self-care skills: know how lớn act in emergencies; know when khổng lồ stop taking risks 6. Housekeeping skills: cook for oneself and others; manage a small budget

4. Rewrite the following in reported speech 

Viết lại câu sau bằng lười nói gián tiếp 

1. I"m really stressed out! I"ve had three mê mẩn nights thinking about my exam.’

She said she was really stressed out, và that she had had three sleepless nights thinking about her exam.

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2. ‘I can"t concentrate! It"s too noisy in here."

He said he couldn"t concentrate because it was too noisy in there.

3. ‘She was very upset at first but she"s fine."

She said she had been very upset at first but she was fine then.

4. ‘I don"t think taking risks too often is a good idea.’

He said he didn"t think taking risks too often was a good idea.

5. ‘He"ll take a cooking class before he g college.’

She said he would take a cooking class before he went khổng lồ college.

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6. ‘I really wish I could make informed decisions."

He said he really wished he could make informed decisions.

5. Rewrite the underlined phrases in the following text, using question words + fo-infinitives.

Viết lại những cụm được gạch men chân trong khúc văn bên dưới đây, sử dụng cấu trúc từ nhằm hỏi + khổng lồ V 

In our Life Skills lesson last week, our class a visit from a Fire Safety Officer, & this is what he told us: Today I"m going to tell you (1) what you should bởi in case of fire. If there is a keep calm. Be sure you know (2) where khổng lồ find the nearest exit or stairway. Bởi vì not use lift. Before you leave, close all the doors b you. You should know (3) how you could a the fire alarm, và then shout ‘fire’. You should know (4) what number you should hotline to report the fire and ask for help. In Viet Nam, it"s number 114.The number is toll-free and you can điện thoại tư vấn time from either a thiết bị di động or a landline wi dealing number is toll-free and you can hotline time from either a mobile or a landline without dealing area codes."

Today I"m going to lớn tell you what to bởi in case of fire.Be sure you know where to find the nearest exit or stairway.You should know how khổng lồ activate the fire alarm.You should know what number to gọi to report the fire và ask for help.

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6. Work in pairs. Look at the notes of the two callers from 4, SKILLS 1 và give them some advice.

Làm vấn đề theo cặp. Chú ý vào phần đa chú đam mê 2 tín đồ gọi điện ở bài xích 4, phần Skills 1 và đến họ lời khuyên.